Vinyl Mat Barcelona-70x120cm

AU$ 155.00

Barcelona Vinyl Mat

Size : 70x120 cm

Beija Flor vinyl mats are an absolute must-have in France at the moment. Imitating antique tiles, the mats are made from high quality industrial vinyl, smooth to the touch, waterproof and easily washable.

Ultra pratical and amazing decorative effect for the kitchen, bathroom or even living room. In front of the sink, under a desk, in the entrance for the shoes, hall way, playroom etc... 

Available in a variety of sizes, our designs are printed on super-durable material that is easily washable, does not move or curl up.

To clean, rub both sides with soap and water without bending it, then let dry.(using soap or another soft cleaning liquid). Do not clean with products containing acid or chlorine.

Beija Flor mats do not have anti slip surface and should not be used in wet environments.

Special Care

Do not drag heavy furniture accross the mat.

Do not fold the mat, leave it flat or roll it in a roll.

Can be used in shaded patio or balcony. Colors may fade in direct sunlight.

Designed and made in Israel.

Ref: Barcelona -T2 /70x120cm


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