Soft Cushion Vinyl Mat-Rose-100x160cm


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Soft Cushion Vinyl Mat

This mat is perfect for a bedroom or playroom.

Model: Sofia Rose

100x160 cm

Beja Flor’s Prairie Collection is an ode to the mother-daughter connection. Through the teaching, a bond is created that holds special moments shared, remembered and passed on.

Originally handmade, this collection was digitally designed line by line, patch by patch to best replicate the spirits of time long ago.


Beija Flor selected a cushion material that provides a comfortable and warm feel for your feet.

To clean, rub both sides with soap (or another soft cleaning liquid) and water without bending it, then let the mat dry. Do not clean with products containing acid or chlorine.

Beija Flor mats do not have anti-slip surface and should not be used in wet environments.

First Use    

The mat is delivered rolled up. To flatten it, put it in the sun or light for half an hour to soften it. Then spread it out on the ground to let it cool. It will flatten completely.

Special Care

Do not drag heavy furniture accross the mat. Do not fold the mat, leave it flat or simply roll it up.Can be used in a shaded patio or balcony. Colours may fade in direct sunlight. 

Designed and made in Israel.

Same brand : Beija Flor